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Key Project

Publication Support

The foundation provides funding for publications on developmental disabilities and parent education. Also it produces an e-book edition of select publications and provides them on its Website to help parents acquire information relevant to their children's disability and its severity as well as to assist them to define their role and figure out appropriate responses.

Research & Overseas Training Support

The foundation provides funding for relevant research and overseas trainings for experts from the relevant field to benchmark advanced overseas Welfare programs and facilities for disabled people and introduce such advanced services to people with developmental disabilities.

Information (on Developmental Disability) Support

The foundation provides accurate and valuable information on developmental disabilities to parents through the foundation's portal site, newsletter and archive (book cafe), assisting parents to acquire information appropriate for their children's disability and its severity.

Family Education (for Parents and Siblings) and Emotional Support

In order to provide emotional care for families with developmentally disabled children, the foundation Supports parent education programs hosted by relevant organizations, institutions and parent groups. Upon parents' request, it also develops and offers a variety of education programs, such as role play, art therapy and laugh therapy, to help them relieve their stress as Well as to provide useful information. Additionally, the foundation operates parent support groups (voluntarily formed and run by parents taking Culture classes) to provide emotional Support and Supports camps hosted by parent groups to help them communicate, exchange information and Support each other.

Support for the Social Integration of Developmentally Disabled Children

The foundation offers or supports a variety of programs, such as friendship programs (disabled and non-disabled teenagers) and disability awareness campaigns, to increase non-disabled children/teenagers' knowledge and acceptance of disability and improve developmentally disabled children/teenagers' Social skills.

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